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Can VR Bridge The Generation Gap?

A successful digitalisation strategy is about reaching everyone, not just a few. Can VR bridge the generation gap?

The team of XR-Training showcased the virtual reality hospital at the Gesundheits Kongress 2019 in Berlin. The congress brings together leaders and businesses in the German healthcare sector. Thanks to the BGW we had 3 exciting days. We had in depth conversations with top deciders and people from different backgrounds. Here is what we learned from presenting our VR tool to a diverse age group.

Common audience reactions to VR tools are “I don’t play games.” “I am not experienced with tech”, “I get dizzy”. We were ready to challenge these assumptions.

We encountered that it didn’t take long to change people’s mind. People were able to use the tool with no prior experience. The reactions were positive once they tried the experience and we were able to change people’s prior negative expectations to a positive view on VR.

This further strengthens our view that our approach to develop accessible, intuitive VR training tools are an effective learning tool for everyone. VR is not directed at young people already familiar with tech, but rather at everyone.

It is part of our mission statement to enable a responsible use of technology. We are specialists in reaching people with no prior technical understanding to use technology effectively. A successful digitalisation strategy is about reaching everyone, not just a few.

Our aim to develop VR training tools that close the gap between generations.

Our conclusion after 3 days is a clear: Yes. Yes, VR can breach the generation gap and is a strong learning solution.

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