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Aktualisiert: 13. Mai 2019

At XR-Training we focus on the development of new perspectives. How can we use the medium VR to effectively transfer knowledge? VR in its art form is unique as it allows the user to step into a world and immerse themselves in it. An image is no longer 2D, it becomes 3D. You can walk around it, explore it from different angles. You can take a closer look or take a step back.

In this example we portray a wrong posture and explain the relation between posture, muscle and bone. We adapted an anatomy picture into a 3D model.

In this scenario a person suffers from back pain caused by the wrong posture at work. By transforming the person into an abstract skeleton we as the user can see inside the person, see the connection between the muscles and posture. We can see what causes the pain.

We take a problem and highlight cause and effect on different levels, going from a familiar image, the nurse in this case, to the abstract a skeleton.

This approach is easily adaptable for different scenarios.

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