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Why Art Is Important In VR

At XR-Training we work closely with our partners to recreate authentic training experiences. We start each new project with a thorough research phase.

As part of our production process for our virtual hospital we went to a hospital in Hamburg, took photos and recreated the hospital floor in VR. Our aim was to recreate the original in every detail.

What people usually don’t notice at first glance in a hospital are the paintings on the wall. Hospitals like training simulators can feel cold and impersonal. It is not a space that makes us feel comfortable. To make a place feel more welcoming people put up art. Bright colours, often flower motives, can be found on the corridors of the hospital.

We took the same approach. The training tool fulfils a need. You enter our virtual training world to learn something, we want you to stay in our world and also enjoy your stay. We want you to feel comfortable in our virtual world.

In order to achieve that we also put up art on the wall of our virtual hospital. Our goal is to be as authentic as possible. We want to recreate real life scenarios for the virtual world. We want the virtual environment to feel welcoming.

The example photos show the picture taken in real life and the recreated art. Another reason to do that is to help reduce the fear of the new world for people who have never used VR before. We offer familiar objects, making them feel more at ease and relaxed. Art is a powerful tool to enhance the VR experience.

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